SAYANI DAS- Acme’s Swimming Mentor

Twenty Two years old Sayani Das is a long distance swimming sensation from Kalna, West Bengal. Her dream is to achieve the “Ocean Seven “Challenge.


1. Sayani crossed the 36 Km English Channel on 26 th July, 2017 in 14 hours 8 minutes
2. She crossed the 19.7 Km Rottnest Channel in Australia on 24 th February, 2018 in 6 hours 42 minutes
3. She swam across the 33 Km Catalina Channel in the US on 9 th June, 2019 in 12 hours 46 minutes. She is the second Indian Lady after Ms. Bula Chowdhury (2002) to cross the channel and the 9 th Indian to do so.
4. Sayani swam for 10 kilometres in the Ganges when she was 7 years old. So far, she has won multiple accolades in the state and national championships in India which includes;

i) 73th Open water Distance Swimming Competition in 2016 in river Bhagirathi for 81 Km
ii) Inter-Collegiate Swimming Championship 2016 at Seerampore College
iii) 41 st junior National Aquatic Championships 2014 at Bhopal
iv) 40th junior National Aquatic Championships 2013 at Hyderabad
v) 58 th National School Games 2012-13
vi) 39 th junior National Aquatic Championships at Chennai
vii) 27 th junior National Aquatic Championships at Bangalore
viii) 25 th junior National Aquatic Championships at Kolkata

5. After completing these three channels, she now fulfills her dream to cross Strait of Gibraltar and Cook Strait as her future expeditions.


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