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From the desk of Principal

Greetings from the Desk of Principal, Acme Academy, Kalna. I am delighted to say that my school is nurturing, caring and sharing initiatives which are aimed towards enhancing the academic quality of my students. The heart of a school lies in its eths, which is shaped by its values. We aim to provide a warm and connected community where students are very well known to the school and where with a generous teaching, adult to student ratio, we know each student’s level of attainment, rate of progresses and well being. One of the aims of my school is to give students a fail-safe education whoever the teacher may be.

As an educator I am also very much concerned about curriculum. What is it that we teach and how do we teach. I am of the firm opinion that the goal of education is to help people use their minds better, to think about what’s true in the world and what’s not true, what’s beautiful and what may not so qualify, what’s ethical and what’s not. It’s said that a person needs support of just three perceptions i.e. love, hope and anxiety to do something during his/her journey of life. So (our aim) is to help a child by making him learn to love others, to do good things and also to hope for a bright and glorious future.
With best wishes and sincere gratitude

Arunangshu Maitra


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